Economy and Enterprise:

Reduce tax and business costs to stimulate the local economy. Make it easier for smaller and local businesses to tender for local authority contracts.

Public Health & Social Care:

Put local communities at the heart of health care. Oppose health tourism and cuts to front-line doctors, surgeons, dentists and nurses, but reduce the number of managers and executives. UKIP also support dementia care, mental health etc. UKIP also supports better funding of services to the lost vulnerable in our community especially dementia care, mental health care and disability support.

Transport and Roads:

Improve road maintenance as a priority. Mending potholes should take priority over council vanity schemes. Upgrade public transport, especially maintaining and reinstating rural bus routes that many communities depend on and which feed town - centre businesses and markets. Increase provision of free parking to regenerate town centres and boost business. Oppose any introduction of tolling on roads and motorways.

What your UKIP Councillors will work to achieve:

Environment, Planning

and Housing:

Reduce the pressure on housing by ending open door immigration.

Oppose the bedroom tax, but provide incentives to re-use empty homes. Protect our green spaces by directing new housing and business developments to brown field sites. Stop preferential treatment to special groups such as travellers - rules should apply equally to us all. UKIP will protect food security and farming.

Local People and

Veterans first:

UKIP will ensure that local people and veterans are prioritised first for social housing


Improve access to quality local education and create more grammar schools and technical skills colleges, encourage vocational apprenticeships, give parents the right to choose where their children go to school, protect rural schools and support home schooling.


Introduce binding local planning referendums on major decisions, such as out-of-town or large scale supermarket developments, wind turbines, incinerators, solar farms, major housing developments and transport schemes like HS2. UKIP will introduce where possible the committee-based system of local government as we feel it's far more democratic.