The ‘Save Parlington Action Group’

The purpose of the ‘Save Parlington Action Group’ (SPAG) is to prevent the development of the Parlington Estate into a modern township, destined over the course of the next decade to be home to some 15,000 or so residents.

The estate has a long history and is one of a very few locations on the east side of Leeds where it is possible to wander through tranquil and beautiful countryside, largely unaffected by the modern world, a truly inspirational location, yet on the doorstep to various village communities, such as Aberford, Barwick in Elmet, Scholes, Scarthingwell, and the larger but still in walking distance town of Garforth.

The ‘Save Parlington Action Group’ was formed by local residents opposed to this development. With a minimum amount of support from the local Conservative Councillors or Member of Parliament they have developed into a formidable fighting force. Against all odds they collected more signatures in opposition to this development than the HS2 campaign managed.

Leeds City Labour Council want this development to go ahead. Corbyn’s protection squad tried unsuccessfully to prevent them displaying banners at a local rally and the local Prospective Labour Parliamentary Candidate left without even speaking to them. Quite clearly there will be no support from Labour if they were to win this seat in Parliament!

UKIP policy on building land is clear.

We totally oppose development on green-belt and green-field sites. There are sufficient brown-field development opportunities to satisfy the country’s housing needs. Pressure on housing will also be relieved by the reduction in demand with the end of free movement of people.